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Growth-Factor Gel Shows Promise as Hearing-Loss Treatment
A new treatment has been developed for sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL), a condition that causes deafness in 40,000 Americans each year, usually in early middle-age. Researchers writing in the open access journal Read More >>
Size of Mammals Exploded After Dinosaur Extinction, Researchers Confirm
Researchers have demon­strated that the extinc­tion of dinosaurs 65 mil­lion years ago paved the way for mam­mals to get big­ger -- about a thou­sand times big­ger than they had been. The study titled, "The Evo­lu­tion ... Read More >>
Imaging With Neutrons: Magnetic Domains Shown for the First Time in 3-D
Although they exist in almost every magnetic material, you cannot see them: magnetic domains are microscopically small regions of uniform magnetization. Scientists have now developed a method by which they can image the full... Read More >>
How People Perceive Sour Flavors: Proton Current Drives Action Potentials in Taste Cells
This Thanksgiving, when the tartness of cranberry sauce smacks your tongue, consider the power of sour. Neurobiology researchers at the University of Southern California have made a surprising discovery about how some cells ... Read More >>

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